Princess Maker 4 - English patch

News (April 16th, 2008) - Thanks to everyone who bought stuff from me! I've gone ahead and put the partial translation patch for Princess Maker 1 up for download here.

This is a patcher to translate the interface for the Japanese PC version of Princess Maker 4 into English.

Download The Patcher

I used to point people at Himeyashop to buy it, but it's gone out of business; you may be able to pick up a used copy somewhere, and sells it (though you'll probably need a shipping service - they don't ship to the US, at least; not sure about the rest of the world.) If anyone has a non-Amazon vendor selling PM4, let me know - IIRC, Amazon US mistreats their employees and their hosting branch practices political censorship, so I'd rather point at someone else.

I've tested it against the Memorial Box version; Kirigirisu reports that it works on the standalone version. The patch will not work right on the Korean version.

To report problems, successes, etc, contact me.

The patcher's free; if you want to thank me for it, there's two things you can do:

1) Buy something from me. (If you like the Princess Maker line, then you'll probably also like Cute Knight Deluxe. Which I didn't write, but do get a small commission on if you buy it through these links: Buy / download free demo).

2) Only use it on LEGAL copies of PM4! If the patcher leads to more sales, the authors will benefit (and maybe consider translating future Princess Maker games.) if it leads to a bunch of lamers warezing it everywhere, it will be a cold day in hell before you see translated PM games.

And check out other things I've written (or helped write) at, and my home page.