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Long Live The Queen

When her mother dies, fourteen year old Princess Elodie finds herself thrust onto the throne of Nova. But she's not anything even resembling ready to rule, and everyone else wants to take her power for themselves...

Can you survive until Elodie's coronation?

Download Demo: Linux | MacOS X | Windows

Buy full game: Linux | MacOS X | Windows

Magical Diary is that fanfiction-riffing magical school dating sim you've always wanted.

Download demo (41MB): Linux | MacOS X | Windows

Buy full game through BMT Micro: Linux | MacOS X | Windows

Buy full game through Steam: (Windows/Mac only)

helpful, isn't he? (Date Warp screenshot)

Date Warp is an otome science fiction romance/mystery.

Download Demo (45MB): Linux | Windows | MacOS X

Buy full game: Linux | Windows | MacOS X

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Guide a team of schoolgirls as they try to stop an alien invasion in my RPG, Science Girls!

Buy: Linux | Windows | MacOS X

Demo: Linux | Windows | MacOS X

Summer Session is a dating sim for Windows, x86 Linux, and MacOS 10.4+ that I helped write.

Demo: Linux (x86 or x86-64 w/32-bit compatibility) | Mac (10.4 or higher) | Windows (XP/Vista/7/8)

Buy (all platforms)

Tentacular Industries hentai software

Tentacularity is a hentai puzzle game where you guide tentacles to girls. It runs on Windows, x86/amd64 Linux, and MacOS 10.4+. You can buy it through BMT Micro: Windows version, Mac version, Linux version.

YaoiTentacularity is Tentacularity. With boys.

Download Demo: Linux | MacOS X | Windows

Buy Full Version: Linux | MacOS X | Windows

Yuri no Yume is angsty, mysterious lesbian hentai romance as an episodic kinetic novel (if you aren't familiar with kinetic novels, they're sort of midway between anime and manga.)
The first chapter is free; runs on Windows, x86 Linux, and MacOS 10.4+.

You can buy episode 2 from DLSite. Contact me for Mac/Linux support patches.
You can buy episode 1 from:
BMT Micro (windows / mac, linux

There's also a mosaic-censored version for distribution in Japan, available through DLSite and DLSite Japan. DLSite Japan accepts several additional payment mechanisms; both branches of DLsite only distribute the Windows version.

The first chapter is a free download.
windows, mac, linux.
Catgirl Training is a fun hentai kinetic novel starring the Professor and his cat-slave, Oneko-chan. Adults only, contains light BDSM. Free demo, runs on Windows, x86 Linux, and MacOS 10.4+. You can buy Catgirl Training from:
DLSite Japan, or DLSite US. Both branches of DLSite sell a mosaic-censored version (to comply with Japanese law)

There's a free demo of Catgirl Training, downloadable for windows, mac, x86 linux

Affiliate software

(I didn't write these, but I get a commission on them if you buy through these links - and I did help test them.)

Cute Knight Kingdom is the sequel to Cute Knight, with a bigger world, multiple towns, and a walkable map.

Buy full version for Linux | Windows | MacOS X

Download demo: Linux | Windows | MacOS X

Cute Knight Deluxe is an improved version of Hanako's award-winning Cute Knight, featuring enhanced graphics, new plot twists, an improved Wizard's challenge, and new items. Gameplay is rather similar to the popular Princess Maker series.

Buy full version for Linux, MacOS 10.4+, Windows 2000+.
Download demo: Linux, Mac, Windows 2000+.

(If you want the original, it's also available - Buy | Demo )
In Fatal Hearts, you play the role of Christina Robinson and help her to unravel the mysterious forces behind her dreams - and the all too real mystery of a murderer who strikes without warning. Fatal Hearts is is an interactive visual novel with lots of puzzles; it runs on Windows 2000 or later. Buy through BMT Micro or download free trial.