All parts must be present if the finest effect is to be had...


The old cellphone (the one with 368 in it) is dead, and has been for some time. Don't use it.

You can try contacting me by:

Email to (Yes, that is the real address. Some spamming software breaks on very long addresses, because they think they're probably fake); I encourage you to encrypt messages to my PGP key.

Yeemp messages to (to be reactivated soon!) Yeemp is a decentralized encrypted instant messaging system, currently only supported on *nix.

My Jabber address is the same as my Yeemp address, but with an @ sign in lieu of a tilde.

I don't use ICQ or AIM anymore - while there's a vague possibility a message sent using either might get through, more likely it will arrive as a set of random characters in a protocol version that I haven't been arsed to add support for.

Physworld invocation can be accomplished by plastering every telephone pole in San Francisco with rendezvous coordinates. Reasonable hours are between sunset and dawn.

Dreamworld invocation can be accomplished by meditating on the Sigil of the Deekoo before sleep. Should the portals be sealed, you may need to use a lowerplane vector to request opening of the way.

Spammers should visit my bot-trap as well.


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