N e w s P o i s o n

  • Source Code 896K (CodeWarrior C project for 68K Macs.)
  • NewsPoison application 370K (Standalone application for 68K Macintosh. I have heard reports that it runs on Power Macs as well, but haven't tested it.)
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    Other Stuff:

  • Wpoison source code 30K (Ron F. Guilmette's CGI script that generates random email @ddresses for webcrawlers.)
  • TentacleBBS - Tentacle incorporates random spamblocker generation into a text-based BBS/newsreader.
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    What is this?

    "This" is a modified version of John Norstadt's Newswatcher program. It works just like the original newswatcher, with one difference: it generates a new Random Spamblocker in every post. Okay, two differences: it has a preferences section to control this.

    What do I need to run it?

    System requirements should be the same as the original Newswatcher. I tested it on a 68030 Macintosh (a Mac IIcx) in 1997. It has been reported to also run on a Power Mac.

    What do I need to compile the source?

    I compiled it using MetroWerks CodeWarrior. I don't know how crossplatform the code is.



    At the time the patch was made, email spammers got most of their @ddresses from culling Usenet. I feel that they should find that the @ddresses they munch are mostly useless. Fixed spamblockers help, but only so far. Besides, I wanted a position in the BlueList for myself. (Which I was later granted, although only as a BlueList Wannabe. *sigh*).


    Why is it so crudely done?

    Well, it was the first time I ever touched C...


    It's BROKEN! Who do I tell about the bugs?



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