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Detritus, bitrot, and the like

Is everything else I've written too useful, current, and functional for you?

Do your bones cry out for software that even the author cannot quite remember what it's supposed to do?

Or are you just looking for something at which to point and laugh?

Some programs have just sat, ignored, on my site for the better part of a decade. In the interests of Saving Disc Space and not wasting time figuring out where I put the original copies, they're described here.

If you want any of these, contact me and request 'em. The licenses will likely be GPL or something similar. If you want to take over the maintainership of them, be my guest, let me know, etcetera.

YeempBBS is still up on my site for download, though the demo is down. It's a text-oriented web-based BBS that needs automatic spam filtration to become usable; I think the thing's adaptable, but since nobody posts on the demo, it doesn't (right now) seem worthwhile for me to work on. Written in perl.

Chronopsis is a web-based event calendar. Tiny, not that interesting, not that useless. Written in perl.

Makrokosmos was the beginning of a multiplayer, multispecies console-based space conquest game, last updated on March 14th, 2002.

TentacleBBS is a textmode BBS for Linux (probably portable to other unices).

"Was" might be more accurate. I haven't touched the code in a fairly long time, and don't really remember where the huge bugs were or weren't. Should you want to play with it, contact me and I'll send you the source. Which is in Free Pascal, incidentally.

It's descended from my multitasking BBS for DOS. Which actually could handle multiple simultaneous logins on an 8088. Which, had I started it in 1990 instead of 1997, would probably have wound up giving TBBS and Wildcat! a run for their money. (That, or just annoying whoever called my board until I gave up the project. Oh well...)

Or look at my more-active projects, the laboratory, or the rest of deekoo.net.