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And, new in 2003: The Aftermath shows Premiere Take A Fall.

DISCLAIMER: Deekoo L. and Tentacular Industries do not certify the validity of ANY of the information contained in this mirror. While some of this information appears to have been genuine, I do not know with certainty that all of it is. The SEC rulings at least indicate that Mark Rice and [RG] did in fact engage in at least some of the crimes of which they were accused, however.

Update, far, far in the future: As I don't know of any further spam activity from Premiere Services and its minions, I'm abbreviating some of the names contained herein. I'm leaving Mark Rice's name up because as far as I know *he* never saw any real penalties for the pump-and-dump spamming.

Any demands, legal threats, communications, or other messages regarding this mirror that are sent to or CC'd to me may be posted publically at my option. Should persons claiming to be those named in these pages wish to dispute or rebut any of Man In The Wilderness' allegations, I am willing to make the rebuttals/disputations available to the public (offer revokable at my option, of course - I do not feel like posting ten gigs worth of 'korn minn's even if someone claims it is a sensible rebuttal.

- Deekoo

A Spammer's Luck Runs Out When
She Forges The Wrong Domain

"Man In The Wilderness"