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Recently, webform spammers started hitting my webcam archive script. After tiring of deleting their crap over and over, I added the following contract to the webcam archival program:


From now on, you agree that, in the event that your post is an advertisement for any commercial service, you are AUTHORIZING ANY PERSON WHO SO WISHES TO TEST YOUR SECURITY AND BANDWIDTH BY ANY MEANS THEY WISH, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO FLOODING, EXPLOITATION OF SECURITY HOLES, DNS HIJACKING, HACKING, CRACKING, SUBTERFUGUE, AND FRAUD. You further agree to authorize any and all persons to attempt, whether or not they are successful, to impersonate you, slip fraudulent information into your billing system, or otherwise disrupt the course of your business. You agree that you posess the authority to grant said authorization for any and all websites referred to in your post, and that you authorize the administrator of this site to make public all such contractual agreements. You agree that, in the event legal liability arises in response to the actions authorized hereby, you will pay all legal costs to defend the person accused of said actions from prosecution, and any fines or other penalties levied against them. To prevent damage to innocent parties, you agree not to attempt to collect money or other recompense from any person who makes use of your site, including credit card order forms and the like, as you have agreed to request and authorize people to input false data into the ordering systems.

This contract was written by a very angry webmaster at 13:36, Sunday Dec 26th, and becomes effective on or after 13:50, Sunday Dec 26th 2004, Pacific Standard Time.

And here's the list of spams posted in agreement with this contract.

Comment form spam archive.

The following domains do not wish to receive or relay any unsolicited broadcast email whatsoever. I either administer or have been authorized by the administrator of the domains in this list to order you not to spam them.

This also applies to all subdomains thereof - IE, if doesn't want any unsolicited broadcast email, neither does

Unrequested broadcast email received by these domains WILL be complained about, flamed, forwarded to appropriate postmasters, and/or reported to the authors of programs used to send such mail. Therefore, it is in the best interests of would-be spammers to keep their ads out of our domains.

In addition, some addresses in the following domains are protected by my LARTs: