Nematocyst is an active countermeasure for the spamforo trojan. Spamforo makes the infected machines send piles of spam; nematocyst emulates an infected machine, but doesn't send any spam; the intent is to make the trojan network useless by loading it with fake slaveclients.

You should run it as a nonprivileged user; better yet, as a nonprivileged user inside a sandbox.

Nematocyst is written in perl and has been tested on Debian GNU/Linux. It requires wget to operate.

It's copyright 2005 Deekoo L. and released under the GPLv2.

Download Nematocyst version 1.1.1. 1.1.1 fixes a minor bug dealing with blank output, and updates the list of spamforo botmasters.
1.1 fixes a typo in URL generation, and now escapes control characters when printing spammer-supplied text. 1.1.1 is also available in an architecture-independant .deb package.

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