I had a YeempBBS install up here for ages, but posts have been down to around one every few months. I think the software's okay and that the lack of use of this Yeemp was more that there was nothing anyone wanted to post about on it than anything else.

I left it up forever in the vague hope that it might become interesting and so people could see what a live system looked like.

Then a shithead wrote a spambot that crawls the web crapping in every form it can find.

On October 27th, it found the Synaesthesia base. It hasn't been as bad there as it is on my Addendat blogs, but it's FUCKING ANNOYING nonetheless.

Since there's been maybe one real post in the past three months, I'm killing the YeempBBS demo system. If you want to grab the source and play with it yourself, you're welcome to. If you do grab it, though, the first thing you want to do is write spamtrapping code. Since YeempBBS is text-oriented anyhow, I'd suggest blocking posts containing < / >. And if you want to be the new maintainer, contact me and I'll link the old Yeemp stuff to your system.

Incidentally, YeempBBS has no relation (aside from being written by me) to Yeemp, the decentralized encrypted instant messaging program, or Yeemps, the fundamental particle.

Download YeempBBS 1.1