"You can land on a SUN?" - an alpha tester.

{ Changelog }

Makrokosmos is a multiplayer, multispecies space conquest game. It is currently a work in progress; you probably don't want to download it unless you want to help finish it. Currently, the only interface is console.

What Makes Makrokosmos Different:

Space is three-dimensional (logically, not graphically).

Planets aren't usually found floating loose in the middle of nowhere. (And when they are, they'll probably be Really Cold.)

Different species can inhabit different planets.

You can build shipyards and fleets.

You can loot captured enemy fleets for stuff to put in yours.

What I still need to do:

A better interface to the fleet construction system.

Finish the species atmospheric requirements system.

Automated pseudoplayers.

A few things that I've undoubtably forgotten.

The current version is 0.2.5, and was last updated on 2002 March 14th. source and Linux/i386 binaries are available for download.

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