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Disclaimer: all persons, places, and things mentioned herein are solely the intellectual property of Tentacular Industries. Should any real people, places, institutions, or ruminants bear any resemblance to those in my textual spewage, you can rest assured that my battery of highly-paid and sort-of-highly-trained lawyers are in the process of serving them processes to begin the transfer of any aspects of them which are modelled upon my output to Me.

The same applies to anything I've stolen borrowed from someone else, of course.

Patent application pending (6,029,482 - "Use of a run-on sentence on the Internet.")

So, um, the text:

I usually go barefoot, but almost always wear gloves.

Fusion Worms.


I wrote both The Caliph and After The War whilst listening to Choronzon, incidentally.

The Caliph

After the war, we lived in hovels, eating roots and leaves for our enjoyment.


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