[Where do you think you're pointing that cursor?] Current version: 1.3
(Nov 30th, 2006)
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grabframe (1.2; i386 .deb)
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Technical specifications

Obnoxious Disclaimer: By viewing this site, you agree that your government permits you to view pornographic, political, and postmodernist materials, that you are viewing whatever happens to be on this site of your own free will, and that, should your government not permit you to view such materials, you will refrain from viewing this site until your government has either changed its mind or been overthrown and replaced by either anarchy or one that does.

You're here either to look at the webcam, which is up at the top of the page, or to download the software I use to run the webcam, which is named Lluzhionne. The download links're also at the top of the page. Lluzhionne is written in perl and works on Linux; depending on cameras used, it should be possible to run it on other POSIXish OSes.

Lluzhionne 1.3 builds on amd64 systems (tested using Debian Unstable and a PWC webcam.) - however, since chunks of grabframe are in i386 assembler, you will need to export CC='gcc -m32' to build it and you will need 32-bit app support. Grabframe also had to ignore several ioctl errors on amd64; I don't know yet if these have any significance, but suspect that the 64-bit ioctl structs are different than the 32-bit ones. Please let me know of any bugs. Grabframe 1.2/i386 is still up for i386 systems.


Along glyphs carved into doped metalloid alloys, chained nervous energy twists into patterns that pick up energy emanations that traverse spacetime without actually experiencing the passing of time. The fluxion of patterns is translated along the glyphicpaths to a format suitable for transfer; streamed along the channel; intercepted, translated, decoded, reencoded, manipulated, compressed, and encrypted. Shattered into fragments, it traverses a timeful and stateless medium to be reassembled, decrypted, and converted into static variations in a local magnetic field until needed.


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