Sects Sex Sets

(Or, "Good Sex For Mutants", converted into INCOMPREHENSIBLE PERL CODE using sets of titfields (the trinary equivalent of bitfields.).

Ambient Warning: the Conspiracy has apparently done Something to screw up the script's distance-calculation code. I suspect, as I have recently been exposed to F-rays, that that was the Carrier Medium. It may also have been subliminals contained installed by a Windows AVI codec being executed within boxorox. Whatever the case, people are now Randomly Teleporting All Over The Place, so the distance-figures are currently inaccurate. I'm trying to figure out where in the code this resides, but have been momentarily stymied. (If anyone wants to look in the code for it, they're welcome to, BTW. As long as they tell me where exactly the bug turns out to be.)

FULLY COMPLIANT with all applicable LAWS OF FIVES.

How this works:

First you create an account. You may note that we don't require *ANY* information to do so. Aside from a username. You can make that up if you want; note that both it and your password are CASE-SENSITIVE: "Deekoo L.", "deekoo l.", and "DEEKOO L." are *three different users*.

Next, describe your desired partner. This is fairly simple: You select whether a given attribute is required, desirable, neutral, a turnoff, or forbidden.

Then, describe yourself. For each of the options (the same ones as before), you tell the script whether you have the attribute in question, don't have it, or decline to state. There's also a text field you can use to clarify things which are unclear (and you probably also want to use it to put some sort of contact info up, as otherwise nobody who matches you'll be able to find you...

Done all that? Now you can search.


Confusing Things

If you want to specify conflicting searches (for example, say you only want females over 42 years old, but don't care how old anyone with a penis or tentacles is), you may want to create separate accounts so you don't get piles of irrelevant wannafucks from girls under 42.

You may note that a user can select multiple apparently-conflicting options. For instance, "over 42", "under 42", "Has one or more cunts", and "Has one or more penii" can *all* be selected. This is intentional - nowhere is it stated that each user has to be ONLY ONE PERSON. Besides, the higher grades DO often have multiple sets of genitalia per person. Or sometimes NONE AT ALL. And if you can't figure out how THAT would work, you'll JUST HAVE TO SEE.

If you're wondering why you can't search without describing yourself, this is because the script goes both ways - it won't display someone's entry unless it thinks they would want to fuck you.


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