This is a sample of a relatively-generalized mouseover code, originally used (and, at present, still used) on I'm using an evil BASE HREF tag to make all the relative links work from ~deekoo/ instead of ~deekoo/laboratory/. Upon analysis, the copy here for review purposes is more confusing than the one out front is, hence probably less useful as research material.

  Deekoo L.   About Deekoo L.  
Involution   My priwife's domain
Technocracy   Assorted programs I've written or modified
Spaceport   Assorted links   The servers upon which all this resides
Oracularity   Guidance for the seekers.
Webcam   A monitoring device intermittently linked to our headquarters.  
The Vortex Asynchrone   Multiuser mutable HTML
Miscellany   That which cannot be categorized.