Welcome to Platinum Portal Incorporated's Bulk Email Services Department!

We sell verified bulk-email-friendly email addresses, and other services.

For a limited time, we're offering a million addresses FREE.


Q: What do you get out of this?

A: We're the ONLY company selling verified BULK-FRIENDLY addresses on the Internet. We know that you'll find the response from our addresses so much better than the competition that you'll buy the rest.

Q: What makes your addresses BULK-FRIENDLY?

A: All addresses on the list are at domains which support opt-out email marketing.

Q: How many addresses do you have for sale?

A: Twenty million.

Q: How do I buy the rest?

A: We've seeded the free list with a couple addresses belonging to us. Not only does that help us track response to our promotion, but it also means that we get your ad when you send it. We'll contact you with a catalog when we get your ad.

Q: Why don't you provide direct ordering information on your site?

A: Because the anti's will harass us if we do. Our 1-800 tech support and order line costs money; wages to staff it 24 hours a day cost more.

Q: What else do you offer?

A: Too many services to list here.

Dowload them now:
Extractor Pro format, Desktop Server 2000 format, SuperMailer format, emailSeeker format (NOTE: These are the same million addresses; they are formatted for several of the more popular bulk email programs. Only download the one that goes with your software. If your software isn't on the list, try one and see if it can import it.)