May 17, 2009:

The Night Headaches are back, but now I think I know what they are. The only symptom of Cluster Headaches that they _don't_ come with is the pain being the Worst Pain In My Life - the hernia surgery was worse, thankyouverymuch.

Also, the Governator would like to borrow five billion dollars (as if we weren't in ENOUGH debt) so he can pretend that the budget cuts and/or tax increases necessary to balance the budget are his successor's fault. And that's if I'm being charitable. The uncharitable guess is that his buddies just want the state making payments to them forever.

And Obama's promised Change continues apace. So far, the Changes are:

- Immunity for telecoms companies that spy on Americans at the behest of the President, whether or not it was legal at the time. Justified on the grounds that not giving them immunity would discourage them from breaking the law if the President found it necessary in the future.

- Subsidy of the bankrupt megabanks, at taxpayer expense, while they buy up every other bank in sight.

- The assurance that the government does not consider minor functionaries to bear any responsibility for torture they participated in, on the grounds that if they were following orders it's only the fault of those who gave the orders.

- The assurance that there will be no commission to investigate accusations of torture, on the grounds that investigating torture might lead to partisan arguments.

- The assurance that Guantanamo Bay will be closed.

- The suspension of military tribunals in favour of civilian trials.

- The reinstitution of the suspended military tribunals.

- The assurance that a legal framework authorizing indefinite detention without trial will be created, justified on the grounds that we need a law allowing us to run Gitmo-style facilities on US soil.

I told you so.


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